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JJ Shipping Was Invited to Attend 2018 Scholarship Awarding Ceremony of Shanghai Maritime University

Release Time:2019-01-03

On December 21, 2018, JJ Shipping was invited to attend 2018 scholarship awarding ceremony of Shanghai Maritime University (SMU) to present the awards to outstanding students and award-winning representatives.
JJ Shipping has been the scholarship sponsoring unit of SMU for many years. This year, WANG Qiuming secretary of the party committee and chairman of JJ Shipping, specially filmed a short video to send his wishes to SMU students and encourage the elitestudents to study harder, make constant progress and forge ahead, which not only expressed our wish for SMU students to be diligent, make unremitting efforts and strive for excellence, but also demonstrated our support for talent cultivation and educational undertaking.
The “JJ Shipping Scholarship” of this year amounted to RMB 100,000 for a total of 45award winners,including 32 students from the marine-related major and 13 onesfrom land transportation-related major,which involveelitestudents who have won various honors such as Outstanding Student of the Year, Merit Activist, and University Scholarship and so on. And it covered schools including Merchant Marine College, Collegeof Transport& Communications, School of Economics &Management, School of Law, Collegeof Arts and Sciences, Collegeof Information Engineering, College of Foreign Languages and Logistics Engineering College.
The establishment of “JJ Shipping Scholarship” is intended for cultivating all kinds of talents for the future society and give the motivation and encouragement of studies to current college students. JJ Shipping will always be committed to the national talent cultivation and motivation work, thus making our small contributions to the development of society.

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